About Us

At Camp Gear-n-More we value our customers and want to provide you with the best camping and outdoor equipment.

We pride ourselves on the little things that matter and we understand that customer service and reputations make a difference. We work with you to ensure one-time customers become repeat customers. We respond quickly and kindly to any concerns that may arise. We want to give you the kind of service that makes you want to tell your friends about us. We are constantly evolving and put our customers first so if you're not happy then neither are we!

Our name came about because we have a passion for camping and the great outdoors. We love to travel and visit remote places. So if you have a passion for camping then we would love to help provide the best gear for your experience.

We value our customers questions and concerns please call 816-607-4059 or email us at campgearnmore@gmail.com.